A Few of Our Favourite Things: Cleaning Tools Edition

We have seen the “Clean Tok” videos, the fancy tools, and the viral cleaning hacks, but as cleaners, some of our favourite cleaning tools for our home and business are a lot more basic. Here are 8 cleaning tools we use regularly (aside from the ol’ broom and vaccuum) and why we love them!

1. Microfiber Cloths

We keep a hefty supply of microfiber cloths on hand at all times for a variety of jobs because they pack a lot of power and have many benefits. Microfiber cloths are hypoallergenic, lint free, and environmentally friendly. These cloths can remove 98.9% of bacteria from smooth services using only water, which ranks higher than Lysol or bleach, at 92% effective.

Their non-abrasive fabric makes them the perfect choice for a multitude of surfaces, as they won’t scratch or leave lint behind. Not to mention they are incredibly absorbent, and can hold 7 times their weight in water!

2. A Scrub Brush

For caked on grease, grime, mold and mildew, we employ a good scrub brush to do the job. These brushes are great for heavy duty jobs like grout, tile, and showers. They are multi-purpose and great for areas that require a more aggressive approach.

3. Swiffer Dusters

We can attest that these lightweight dusters are made with bits of fairy dust, because they are absolutely magical. They capture dust and dirt like it’s nobody’s business, trapping and locking in dust, pet hair and allergens. Swiffer boasts that they are made with 360 degrees of fluffy fibers that trap and lock more dust and hair than a traditional feather duster. With the option to buy extendable ergonomic handles, you can reach ceiling fans, between appliances and other hard to reach areas.

4. Steam Mop

Steam mops clean and disinfect with only the use of water/steam; no harsh chemicals are needed! The combination of a microfiber pad and high heat helps traps dirt and eliminates stubborn stains. We love that the area dries within minutes and doesn’t leave water behind, so there’s no need to wait an hour for the floors to dry and try to tip-toe around the wet spots.

5. A toothbrush/small brush

Sometimes those tight crevices, seams and cracks need a little extra TLC. In that case, we like to use a toothbrush or a special detail cleaning brush that also has a scraping device on the opposite end for caked on grime.

Toothbrushes are great for tile, grout lines around the tub and seams, backsplashes, sinks, light switches, and any other tight area that requires a more meticulous scrubbing.

6. Cleaning Sponge

A good old fashioned cleaning sponge is a staple in our cleaning supplies, particularly one with an abrasive side to tackle grimy and dirty surfaces. Although they are multi-purpose, we especially love these sponges for sinks and tubs; when combined with baking soda and water, we can make make those surfaces sparkle!

7. Magic Erasers

There are some jobs that only the magic of a magic eraser can tackle with ease, and that’s why we love to keep them handy for the right surfaces. They work wonders on scruff marks, rust residue, soap scum, oven grease, or those areas of the house where your kid’s creativity got a little carried away with markers and crayons.

8. Disinfecting Wipes

When it comes to high-touch areas and surfaces in the home, we like to enlist disinfectant wipes to do the job. We use them on counters, doorknobs, handles, toilets, light switches, faucets and more! We make our own disinfectant wipes in-house with all natural ingredients to clean and disinfect and leave a fresh scent behind.

We use a plethora of different cleaning tools at Rose Cleaning, but these are a few that make the top of our list. How do they measure up to your favourites?

Did you know: at Rose Cleaning we provide the option of an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning at no additional charge? We also realize that you may have your own staples and favourites when it comes to cleaning tools, so we offer the option to use your supplied products and tools for specific areas of your home. We pride ourselves on client-focused flexibility; contact us for a quote today!

Written By: Stacey Wood

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