Have You Tried These Weird Cleaning Hacks?

With so many resources for cleaning advice at our fingertips these days, including home improvement blogs and Pinterest, it’s wild to think that Tik Tok is quickly becoming one of the most utilized spots on the internet for cleaning hacks and tips.

Professional cleaners, bloggers and regular folk are sharing their favourite cleaning tips on the social app, and while many of these ideas seem helpful, realistic, (and even genius!) we’ve stumbled across more than a few unconventional methods that might raise an eyebrow.

We rounded up a few cleaning ideas from the internet, and while we can’t promise that these methods are tried and tested, we can promise that they’re a bit, um, different than our usual cleaning tactics. Some of these hacks involve household items that you probably already have on hand, and might be worth the experimentation. Here’s 7 out-of-the-ordinary tricks that you might want to try:

  1. Coca Cola in the Toilet

    Who would’ve thought that a can of liquid sugar would be recommended for cleaning your toilet? It might seem surprising that there would be any benefits to the brown carbonated liquid, but this hack has been mentioned enough times on the internet, that it’s worth a try. Professionals maintain that the carbonation and acids in the soda can dissolve those built up stubborn rings and stains in your toilet bowl. (Imagine what it does to our insides, yikes 😱)

    Want to try it? Pour a can of cola around the rim of your toilet so that it soaks the whole bowl. Let it sit for a few hours to work its magic, then scrub the stains away with a toilet brush.

  2. Mayo to Remove Wood Stains

    According to Bob Vila, the oils in mayo can help dislodge moisture in the wood’s finish.

    Want to try it? Scoop some of the condiment onto a cloth and apply it to the affected area; let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then wipe with a clean cloth. This method works best if your stain hasn’t been there for too long. You can also try petroleum jelly or plain white toothpaste if the stain has been lingering for awhile.

  3. Erase Sharpie Stains with Toothpaste

    As a parent of small children, there’s nothing more anxiety inducing than finding a sharpie lid or a lidless sharpie in the house, because you know there’s an inevitable art masterpiece nearby, and it’s never on paper.

    Today suggests using baking soda toothpaste to get rid of permanent marker stains on wood furniture.

    Want to try it? Apply the toothpaste to a dry cotton makeup remover pad and rub lightly along the grain of the wood; the baking soda will act as a gentle abrasive to lift the stain. You may need to repeat the process multiple times to get the stain to disappear.

  4. Vodka Water for Your Mattress

    Got a musty mattress and some vodka in the cupboard? Today recommends this spirit for cleaning your mattress because it helps banish musty scents with its powerful alcohol content and has a minimal scent of its own.

    Want to try it? In a spray bottle, mix half a shot of vodka with some water, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray your mattress and let it air dry completely before putting the sheets back on. The vodka will help kill the odor producing bacteria lingering in your mattress, and the essential oil will keep it smelling good. This method can also be used on smelly shoes, in closets or other unpleasant areas in your home.

  5. Lemon in the Dishwasher

    In addition to leaving a fresh scent, lemon can leave your dishes looking extra sparkly and clean, just ask TikTok user @lidseyjrodriguez, who impressed her followers by showing off her shiny glasses that she cleaned by simply popping a few used lemon wedges into the dishwasher and running a wash.

    Want to try it? The Kitchn suggests placing your lemon wedge or ring on the top rack of your dishwasher, or in the cutlery basket, and running the wash. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. See what I did there?

  6. Dryer Sheets for Pretty Much Everything

    Who knew a dryer sheet was so versatile and could solve all of the world’s problems? While that might be a bit of a stretch, we have seen so many posts praising the multi-purpose abilities of a dryer sheet, that we are now convinced they are a useful tool in your home. Although they aren’t the most eco-friendly solution, some of these hacks might be worth a try.

    -put 2 dryer sheets in the bottom of your garbage can to ward off funky smells; every time you move the bag or put something in the garbage, it will activate the dryer sheet
    -use a dryer sheet to clean your baseboards and blinds: the material and texture of the dryer sheet is amazing for trapping dirt and dust
    -clean your toilet with a dryer sheet to tackle mineral deposits and buildup; and don’t worry, the dryer sheet won’t scratch the toilet’s enamel
    -put a dryer sheet in your dresser to make clothes smell fresh, or in your shoes to prevent odours
    -make your car smell fresh by putting a dryer sheet in the glove box or under the seat
    -use a dryer sheet to get rid of deodorant stains on your clothes

  7. Slime to Clean Your Keyboard

    Do your kids have slime kicking around in their toy bin? Use it to clean your computer keyboard; it helps to gather gunk and dust from between your keys giving you a cleaner keyboard.

    Want to try it? With dry hands, knead the slime a few times. Press slightly onto the surface you need and then pull it up slowly. 

    There you have it, a cornucopia of weird cleaning hacks that might actually work. But don’t worry, you won’t see our staff using slime or Coca-Cola in your homes any time soon; this article is for informational purposes only. But if you decide to experiment with these or any other viral hacks, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know your favorite cleaning hacks in the comments, or email us at rosecleaningwindsor@gmail.com

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