Q&A With Natalie Hartleib, Owner of Rose Cleaning

I met Natalie sometime around 2016/2017, when we were both operating our own online clothing boutiques. I had recently joined her Facebook group Windsor Women in Business, and loved the vibe of the supportive community of local female entrepreneurs that she had built.

Right off the hop, I could see how passionate she was about supporting local businesses, and that she was a cheerleader for female owned and operated businesses. She oozed confidence and business savvy, and her networking skills were admirable.

I could also see how powerful she was as an entrepreneur- her boutique had a slew of models, professional photography, fashion shows, and all the professionalism that my little boutique lacked, with my flat lay photos photographed by me on the floor of my home, and most of the clothes being “modelled” by myself in my bedroom.

But although we were in the same business, we weren’t in competition. Natalie partnered with me, and many other businesses, launching elaborate fashion shows and vendor events that brought the community together.

She curated Windsor Fashion Festival, a passion project event that featured a collection of vendors as well as a fashion show at The Water’s Edge venue. It was the type of upscale event that this city needed, with every detail carefully considered by Natalie’s mastermind. I participated with my little boutique and I was in awe of the event itself, the time and energy that had gone into it, and the turnout. It was a huge success!

Model Amanda Best rocks the runway at Windsor Fashion Festival

After closing her boutique and ending that chapter of her entrepreneurial journey, Natalie eventually launched Rose Cleaning Service, which brings us to present day. I sense that Natalie is not one to talk about herself or her successes, so I forced her to answer these questions against her will.😉

When did you start your entrepreneurial career? 
In 2016, after leaving a 14-year corporate career, first with Financial Planning, along with Windsor Women in Business in 2017, which helped other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses through social media and marketing events.  Later in 2017, I left Financial Planning to start Royal and Rose Boutique, which was a women’s clothing and accessories store, a dream I had had since high school and during my post-secondary education in fashion design.  

When did you start Rose Cleaning Service?
In 2019 after closing Royal and Rose Boutique.

Why did you decide to launch a cleaning company? 
I find cleaning to be a creative outlet, a way to transform homes.  Admittedly, I do not enjoy cleaning my own home but love helping others achieve that sparkle.

What areas does your company serve? 
We currently service all of Windsor-Essex County and have plans to expand to other areas.

What are your hours of operation?
All day, every day!

Do you offer any additional services outside of cleaning?
We offer junk removal, dog walking and personal shopping – all services are meant to help make your life easier!  We are also working on launching Presto Prep – A Food Company, another way to help make our clients’ lives easier.

What’s your favourite part of owning your business? 
The fact that I am in control of my success and how hard I work determines how the business grows.

What’s the hardest part of owning your own business? 
Work never ends, but when you love what you do, it makes it all worth it.

How many houses have you cleaned in Windsor-Essex county? 
To date, I’d say around 200 and counting!

Funniest thing that has happened on the job?
I made a typo on the schedule and the cleaners when into the wrong home and cleaned the neighbour’s kitchen before I realized that they were at the wrong address.  

How do you handle negative feedback?
By understanding that we all have different expectations.  We strive for perfection at every clean but, we’re all human and sometimes things aren’t up to the client’s expectations.  I always encourage clients to share feedback in order to help us improve and ensure that we give them a great experience, if they aren’t happy, we’ll go back and fix whatever is needed.

We know you’re a lover and supporter of local business. What are some of your favourite local businesses?
So many!  I have to give a shoutout to my newest obsession: Italian Street Food – the best porchetta sandwich!  Some of my other favourites include: Cedar Valley Selections, I’ve loved their products from the start and it has been great watching them grow, Golden Flamez Candles, Shop Eco, Cabana Dental, Rana Eye Care, Rare Butcher, Plant Joy, Riverside Pie Cafe, Walkerville Brewery, Savvy Boutique, Rain Fitness, Dry Parlour, Marie Rose Music Studio, Salute Cafe + Bar, Kona Sushi, Lakeside Hydeaway, Super Shirt, Lacasse Printing, the list goes on

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to start their own business? 
Be sure to network, there are many people out there who want you to succeed and know what it’s like starting out, the best thing for your business is to have people talking about you and your business so, go out and tell them, networking events are great, reaching out to others who have been there, whatever it takes, get out there!

What advice would you give to potential clients looking to book with Rose Cleaning?
Know that we’re here to help make your life easier and I am committed to ensuring your satisfaction!  Everything is customizable to suit your needs as we’re all different in terms of what we need help with, don’t ever hesitate to ask for what you need!

If you have more questions for Natalie or the team at Rose Cleaning, please don’t hesitate to reach out via text, email, DM, the website or by calling. Natalie is always prompt when answering messages and inquiries, I’m pretty sure she never sleeps. 😉

Written By: Stacey Wood

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