5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Cleaner When You’re Moving

As exciting and monumental as moving can often be, the grueling process of actually getting your stuff from point A to point B is a task that most people dread. Gone are the days when you can bribe your college friends with beer and pizza to move the 6 pieces of furniture you own from one apartment to another.

By the time you’re a grown adult, you may have acquired a lot more stuff and have a lot less resources when it comes to finding free moving help. Hiring a moving company might save time and energy, but once you get your stuff inside, the work has just begun. The process of getting unpacked and settled in begins, and you’ll be eager to get your belongings put away so you can settle into your new home.

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a cleaning company to assist with the process:

1. Save Time and Energy

Moving can be a stressful event that requires a lot of time and energy, especially with everything else you have on your plate. Attempting to juggle your normal every day responsibilities with house showings, packing, staging a house to sell etc, can put a lot of strain on you.

Hiring a cleaning service to help with move-in or move-out cleaning (or both!) helps free up your time and energy to focus on other aspects of the move that require your attention.

2. Get Settled in Quicker

When it comes to cleaning, some newly purchased homes require a lot more time and elbow grease than you might anticipate, and focusing your time on a deep cleaning can set you back from moving forward with getting settled in your new home.

A cleaning company can deep clean the space before you even set a moving box on the floor, allowing you to get unpacked and adjusted quickly. After all, no one wants to spend their days digging through boxes to find mugs, pants, utensils or anything else needed to resume your normal every day activities.

3. Cut Down Your Stress Levels

Let’s face it, even when a move is a joyous event, it’s still a stressful one. Most people just want to get into their new home without having to scrub walls, clean appliances, and deep clean inside kitchen cabinets. Having one less thing to stress about will make a big difference in creating a smooth transition from one space to another.

4. Benefits to Real Estate Agents

Move-In and Move-Out cleanings are not only a service for homeowners and renters, but for real estate agents as well. Do you have a client who has already vacated a home and you’re trying to sell the property fast? Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do a move-out cleaning. Your potential buyers can envision living in the home. Are you flipping a house? Get the property looking its best with this deep clean before you put it on the market.

5. Leave a Good Impression

If you’re moving out of a rental property, it is not only common courtesy to clean the mess, but it also ensures that you will get your deposit back, and that you’ll be able to use your landlord for a reference in the future.

Conversely if you’re a property rental owner, hiring a professional cleaning company after a tenant moves out will create a welcoming and attractive space to attract new potential renters.

Did you know?
Rose Cleaning Service offers expert level move-in and move-out cleaning services, and our cleaning professionals are ready to take some of the stress of moving off of your plate. Contact us for a quote!

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