Mother’s Day Memes that Will Make you Laugh Till You Pee a Little

It’s nearly Mother’s Day, which means there’s only a few more sleeps until we get to find out what our kids really think of us (those “All About My Mom” school activities were basically created with the intent to sabotage us, right? “My mom is 106 years old and her favourite thing to to cook is cereal.”)

Moms around the world have likely been sending not-so-subtle hints to their partners about their Mother’s Day wishes for the past week, even though most of us have been literally begging for the same things since the beginning of time: sleep, alone time and a clean house.

And while many of us will celebrate Mother’s Day doing most of the stuff we normally do, but while wearing a cool macaroni necklace, at least we can laugh about it together, right? Right? This is fine. *Nervous chuckle.*

Your child might be the reason you pee a little when you laugh, but we think these memes are worth the dribble.


Did we forget anything? Hmmm, maybe some alone time?


Men: We don’t know what you want
Moms: We want a night in a hotel by ourselves
Men: So hard to figure out what to get you
Moms: Sleep, give us sleep
Men: Guess we’ll never know


Who is this mom person you speak of? Never heard of her.


Also your mom: *doesn’t “like” the post.


Sure sex is great, but have you ever sat alone in your bed eating chocolate while no one bugged you or your genitals for anything? Now that’s orgasmic. Read the room, dudes.


I’d like to present this best mom award to me, from me.


I can’t find the lie.




Okay, the internet has spoken. WE WANT CLEAN HOUSES & NAPS. Periodt.


Blessed beyond measure.


THIS. (And the 30287912987090 other things Moms do, and sacrifice, in the name of motherhood.) But this alone, is just, I mean, WOW. Why are we not bowing down to the medical marvel that is women and their magical human expelling vaginas?


Who wants to tell him??


Perfect, now you have an excuse for all the Amazon packages that have been showing up daily. Not that you need an excuse, please refer back to #11. AHEM.


That’s it, that’s the list.


Can someone please tell them that they don’t sell alone time and a clean house at the grocery store?


Ok, well played, game recognize game. Jokes on you though, there’s no food at the house.


Hate when that happens! How are my 300 acquaintances on Facebook going to know how much I love my mom if I don’t write a long, sappy post about it on a public forum?


Sorry, not actually sorry.

Did any of these memes make you laugh until you pee? Laugh until you snort? Smirk a little bit and look borderline constipated? (We know it’s hard not to be dead inside as a mom, so we’ll settle for borderline constipated. )

At the very least, if you made it this far, you’ve officially spent a few minutes to yourself scrolling memes, which totally counts as self-care. You’re welcome.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by: Stacey Wood

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