8 Things Your House Cleaner Won’t Tell You

When it comes to hiring a cleaning company, trust is an essential part of the relationship between the company and client. After all, the cleaners are inside of your home and getting an intimate glimpse into your life.

And while your cleaner wants you to be able to trust them and to keep the lines of communication open, there are a few things your house cleaner might not be telling you.

1. We pet your dogs
We might even throw their ball or toy while we’re cleaning so they can play fetch. (Don’t worry, we can totally multi-task.) We just think it would be wrong to deny them some love when they’re following us around with those sad eyes, just hoping for some kind of attention. Sorry, not sorry.

PS: Rose Cleaning offers dog walking services as an add-on or stand alone service, and trust us when we say that your pooch would be ecstatic to have the company.

2. We know when you clean before we come
And we’re here to tell you, this isn’t necessary. While it’s important to tidy clutter, junk and garbage, you can leave the rest to us. We promise the last thing we are doing is judging you; it’s our job to clean the mess and it’s satisfying giving your home a makeover and reducing your load.

3. We LOVE your positive feedback but….
There’s nothing more rewarding than being told that we did a good job; it brings us joy knowing that we helped make your life easier and that you had a great experience. We hate to get greedy, but we’d LOVE if you could shout your praise from the rooftops. And by rooftops, we mean in a Facebook review or a Google review, because there is nothing more valuable to our business and our reputation than positive online reviews.

Too often people are only motivated to leave reviews when they are unhappy, which can hurt a business’ reputation. Potential customers pay attention to reviews when deciding whether or not to use a company’s services. And while we receive beautiful text messages of praise regularly that make our hearts sing, it would mean the world to us if you could also leave a quick review for us on Facebook.

4. We love when you have realistic expectations
We clean for a living, so trust us when we say that some jobs take longer than others and setbacks do occur. We spend every minute of our time in your home working our butts off until we’re sweating, but in spite of our dedication and preparedness, some cleaning tasks may take longer than anticipated.

We know you may want to get the most for your money and we will work with you on a timeframe and budget, but we appreciate when you understand that in order to get the job done right, we may need to spend more time on certain tasks.

5. Excess clutter is not part of the job
If you leave an excess amount of clutter on a surface such as the floors or countertops, don’t expect that area to be thoroughly cleaned unless you explicitly asked for a de-cluttering and organizing service in addition to your regular cleaning. In which case, you will need to allow for more time because de-cluttering is a tedious job on its own.

6. We appreciate notice if you’ll be cancelling our services
We understand that life happens and circumstances change, but if you’ve been a regular client and you’re planning on cancelling services with us due to finances, moving, etc, we appreciate some notice when possible, in order to have time to fill your spot with another client.

7. We like when you tell us your preferences
If you want things done a specific way, or you have preferences about your home and how it’s cleaned, we want to know, because client satisfaction is important to us. It’s always best to communicate your needs and specifications in advance, so we can get it right the first time. Sometimes our cleaning process may be different than your expectations, so communicating in advance is the key to avoiding misunderstandings.

8. We’re professionals, but we’re not magicians
We want to make that mold in your bathroom disappear, but if it’s growing behind your grout, unfortunately it might not be possible. Similarly, we’d love to make your 6-bed, 3-bath house completely spotless in 2 hours, but that might be a difficult feat, even with multiple cleaners. We will always work hard and strive for perfection with every clean, but we recognize that we’re not perfect.

Written by: Stacey Wood

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