The Storage & Organization of the Rich and Famous

If I were suddenly to become rich overnight, I wouldn’t tell many people, but there would be signs.

For example, I might not drive with my gas light perpetually lit anymore (spoiler alert: yeah, I will) and I might do something totally crazy like not weigh the bag of grapes at the grocery store before buying them.

Maybe I’d even get fancy and hire someone to organize my closet or pantry, the way these celebrities enlisted The Home Edit to take their storage and organization to the next level.

Let’s discuss, shall we? And by discuss, I mean stare at these rooms in awe and feel low-key jealous but also sheer respect for how amazing they look, because GOALS.

Molly Sims
She’s perfect, this organization is perfect, and I have a strange urge to play dress up in her closet. That’s not weird, right? I was wondering how she gets those hats down from the top shelf, but then I remembered she’s like a 6-foot tall model and not penguin sized, like myself.

Kim Kardashian
I’m actually surprised by the minimalistic simplicity of Kim K’s pantry, given how exceptionally extra she is as a human, but I’m into it.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins
Thomas Rhett can “Die a Happy Man” in this closet he shares with his wifey, because the fact that she’s sharing a closet with her husband says a lot about her love for him. Adorbs.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe’s hair extension collection is making me feel a little better about my own hair collection, but also simultaneously worse because mine is just a bunch of blonde hair stuffed into a tote. Meanwhile she has every length and hue organized neatly on hangers and I suddenly have hair envy AND organizational envy. Maybe I’ll go talk to some food about this, in her perfectly organized fridge.

Lauren Conrad
The baskets, the heels, but more importantly, the 50 shades of nude and grey nail polish on the top shelf?! L.C’s closet organization is top notch.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Is this a playroom? Is that a giant iPad on the wall and is that a miniature couch? Either way, everything about this room is clearly on another level, because it’s been styled so well that I had to examine it for 6 minutes to determine what was going on. And upon further inspection, the rainbow colour coding organization might be impractical with children, but it is aesthetically pleasing to my eyeballs. 5/5 would pin this.

Mindy Kaling
This baby;s room is adorable, colourful, practical and actually looks more lived in than some of the other Home Edit designs. I bet Mindy lets her minions destroy it, just like the rest of us. She just seems cool like that, am I right?

Katy Perry
Katy you’re a firework, and this health & beauty product organization makes ’em go, “Aah, aah, aah.”
and leaves them all in awe, awe, awe.

Dan Levy

*Alexis Rose voice* “Omg Yesss David!”
There’s nothing Schitty about this pantry, especially the painted vintage cabinets.

“Pantries are our speciality – especially for @instadanjlevy,” The Home Edit detailed the project. “Thrilled to help move him in because we… get the *vibe.*”

Which celebrity’s organization game are you swooning over the most? Would you want a fridge like Khloe or a closet like Lauren Conrad? Personally I want everything in Molly Sim’s closet, plus Khloe’s hair collection, and a pantry big enough to hide in when I don’t want to share ice cream with my kids.

Written by Stacey Wood
(Pics via

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