Here’s Why a Cleaning Job Might be the Right Fit For You (Even if You Don’t Clean Your Own Home!)

I know what you’re thinking right now -“But I don’t even have time to clean my own house, how would I ever clean someone else’s?”

Sound about right? Okay that’s fair, but hear me out.

Many full time cleaners are hiding a dirty secret: they don’t always have the cleanest houses, nor do they have the time or energy to clean their own homes.

But when it’s your job, when you literally show up to work every day at client’s homes and you’re getting paid for every hour you spend cleaning, trust me when I say that you’ll make those houses shine bright like a diamond.

Cleaning might seem like THE dreaded chore in your own home, but I promise it’s different when it’s other people’s homes. Here’s why cleaning is a pretty kickass job, coming from someone with experience.

1. It’s introvert-friendly
If you love the idea of zoning out with some headphones in and doing your work independently all day without much human interaction, this is the job for you. Most of the time the clients aren’t home, so all you have to do is show up and get the job done. Bonus: there are often super cute doggos that you get to pet, or even talk to if you are in need of some interaction.

2. You can burn over 1000 calories a day
If the mere thought of sitting at a desk all day makes you feel antsy and sluggish, you’ll be happy to know that a fast-paced cleaning job will have you burning calories all day long without even having to think about it.

Just imagine: you’re clocking in some serious cardio every day, without ever stepping foot on a treadmill! Individual results may vary, but from personal experience I can attest that a side effect of cleaning full time is weight loss. (Unfortunately for my waistline, I switched to a marketing role, so I spend my days on the computer instead of burning calories cleaning houses.)

3. It is rewarding
There’s literally nothing better than hearing how much you helped out a client by taking cleaning tasks off their plate.

There’s the stay at home moms who show gratitude because they can’t keep up with babies and household chores, the people who work from home full-time and don’t even want to look at their house at the end of the day, seniors who don’t have the mobility anymore and need your help, and everyone in-between. It’s a rewarding and fulfilling feeling knowing that you’re actually helping make people’s lives easier.

4. It’s satisfying
Cleaning gives you a sense of accomplishment because seeing the outcome of your process is incredibly satisfying. If you’ve ever tackled some particularly stubborn limescale or deep cleaned a trashed rental property, you know the feeling of determination in getting that job done well, and the pride that comes from seeing the results.

5. You’ll be less stressed
Believe it or not, cleaning helps boost your mood and improve anxiety, so it’s basically a natural anti-depressant. Imagine getting paid to elevate your mood and burn calories? SIGN ME UP, right?

6. It’s like Pinterest in real life
Seeing all the different ways that people style their homes was one of my many favourite parts of the job. You’ll run into so many cool new ideas; some that you might be able to try in your own home (paint colors, storage ideas, cleaning tools, nursery themes), and some that you’ll probably just admire in awe (hello in-home movie theaters and Kardashian sized walk-in closets😍.)

7. You can make a good income
Many cleaning jobs come with a great starting wage and the opportunity to advance or make more money depending on the jobs you want to take on and the hours you are willing to work.

8. There’s flexibility
Some cleaning jobs allow you to work around the hours you need, whether it’s while the kids are in school or just specific days of the week. Ask the hiring manager if there’s an opportunity to customize your schedule.

If were expecting me to throw a plug in here about working for Rose Cleaning Service, brace yourself because here it is. 😉 You can check out our careers page for more info, and if you’re interested in a position, you can send your resume here.

Written by: Stacey Wood

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