Genius DIY Hacks You Have to Try!

We’re always on the hunt for innovative ways to simplify your life (and ours!) and the internet surely doesn’t disappoint with its endless offerings of life hacks and DIY projects.

You’ve probably weeded your way through Pinterest and have uncovered a million ways to do just about everything, from repurposing Mason jars into literally everything, to discovering 65 different ways to clean a toilet.

At this point in your internet journey, there may not be many things that you haven’t already seen, but we’re going to try and give you some new ideas anyways. 😉 Here’s a few hacks that we found particularly useful/ingenious/handy.

Use a walnut to repair hardwood floor scratches

While we haven’t tested this method and we remain slightly skeptical about its validity, various resources on the internet claim it works, so it must be true, right? Allegedly a walnut can aid in repairing scratches on your hardwood flooring if you vigorously rub the flesh of the nut into the scratch until it disappears, then wipe away the residue with a microfiber cloth.

(Worst case scenario you don’t get rid of the scratches and you look a little nuts (pun intended) rubbing walnuts all over your floors. Let us know if you try this one!)

Clean the shower when you’re showering

I thought I was the only weird one who does this, but since the internet recommended it, I’m no longer afraid to admit it: I clean my shower when I’m already in there showering. Sometimes a mom just has to multi-task, and I feel like you’re already in there, so why not tackle two things at once, right?

There are many ways to do this, but I think a great way to start is to deep clean your shower and bath, and then maintain that clean by giving the shower a little scrub down every now and again when you’re already in there scrubbing yourself.

Reduce vacuum odours with essential oils

Using a few drops of your favourite essential oil on your vacuum’s air filter will help ward off the funky smells that vacuum cleaners develop over time.

Grow green onions in a jar

After cutting up green onions, put the ends in a glass jar of water and set the jar in a sunny window sill; voila, you will have a whole new batch in a few days! Click here for a full tutorial on how to execute it properly.

Buy a brush attachment for your cordless drill

Did you know that many retailers sell brush attachments to attach to cordless drills? I didn’t! You can turn your drill into a high-powered cleaning tool with a simple brush attachment, and then go to town on grout, tile and other hard to clean areas.

Use ice cubes in the dryer to eliminate wrinkles

If you hate ironing or you’re in a pinch and don’t have the time to bust out the ironing board, you can throw a few ice cubes or a moistened washcloth into the dryer to help eliminate wrinkles in your clothes. Add in a few drops of essential oils onto the washcloth for added freshness.

DIY décor using dried flowers

Having fresh flowers around your house seems like a good idea until they die within a few weeks and you’re left with a crusty reminder of what used to be. But instead of mourning (or going out and buying more) you can repurpose your flowers into a trendy dried flower arrangement after prepping them and drying them out in a cool dark place. Here’s a tutorial to get you started.

Repurpose candle wax into melts

Here’s a great way to get the most out of all those fall candles you’ll inevitably be stocking up on at Bath and Body Works in the coming months. Instead of tossing them out when the wick gets too short to burn, put the jar in the freezer for a few hours and then use a butter knife to scrape out the remaining wax. Use it as a wax melt in a candle warmer to extend the scent awhile longer.

You can also find tutorials on repurposing the candle jars, if you want to take eco-friendliness to another level.

Store sheets inside of your pillowcases

This sounds like a game changer to me, because fitted sheets are the sore thumb of my organizational stylings. Fold a fitted sheet to the best of your ability (because fitted sheets are hard, ya’ll), then tuck them inside of a matching pillow case before stacking them on your shelves. Clean, organized, neat, and all the things a fitted sheet usually is NOT when you stack in on a shelf.

Written by: Stacey Wood

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