Are These Highly Rated Amazon Cleaning Tools Worth It?

We tried 5 of the top rated cleaning tools on Amazon for ourselves; here are our honest reviews.

1. The Pink Stuff

I keep seeing this pink stuff all over the interwebs, with people raving about it being some kind of miracle cleaning product (like the label says!) so I had to give it a whirl.

Amazon boasts:
“The Pink Stuff is the world’s most versatile cleaner, works great on almost any kind of dirty, grimy surface – without any stains or residue. Bathroom Surfaces The Pink Stuff can clean up even the worst bathroom stains. You can use it anywhere to clean your shower, bathtub, toilet, sinks. Removes limescale and soap scum.”

We weigh in: is it worth the hype?
While the pink paste cleans and smells pleasant, calling it miraculous is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. In fact, it is abrasive and messy to apply, and you still have to use a lot of elbow grease to get the job done. I didn’t try it on a variety of different areas in my home, but from my experimentation, I didn’t find it to be superior to any other products on the market that can do the same or a better job. Even good ol’ baking soda would handle a mess better. Not to mention, it’s over-priced for a underwhelming cleaning product.

2. Scrub Mommy

Another viral sensation, these happy face sponges have made their appearance all over social media.

Amazon boasts:
“Scrub Mommy combines smile face ergonomics with a dual sided design for the ultimate clean. Scratch free FlexTexture side changes texture based on your water temperature. It firms up in cold water to handle tough messes, and softens up in warm water for light cleaning all over the house.

Soft ResoFoam side is more absorbent than the leading brand and produces more soap suds than your typical kitchen sponge. Suds-generating properties mean you can achieve a rich lather with little soap.

Scrub Mommy’s eyes provide an ergonomic grip with just two fingers to mold into corners and reach deep into cups, while the happy smile cleans both sides of spoons, spatulas and other utensils. “

We weigh in: is it worth the hype?
Well first off, it’s a $13 sponge, so there’s that. But I was pleasantly surprised with this happy (albeit creepy) dual sided, ergonomically designed, dishwasher-safe sponge. I was surprised by the size; it’s way bigger and thicker than traditional sponges I’ve purchased and definitely higher quality. The abrasive side works great on built up grease, and the softer side wipes it away.

Bottom line: this versatile sponge is Rose Cleaning approved!

3. Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

This tool has been featured by cleaning influencers and promoted by Amazon as a top purchase and best seller in cleaning supplies.

Amazon Boasts:
“The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber cleans up to two times faster than manual scrubbing. This hard-working tool delivers 60 scrubs per second to clean all those hard to reach places. With three different brush attachments suitable for all kinds of tasks around the home, and designed to clean even in hard-to-reach spaces, you can toss the old toothbrush and get cleaning chores done faster with the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber.”

We weigh in: is it worth the hype?
Admittedly, I was skeptical because this tool resembles an electric toothbrush, but it definitely packs more power and the bristles are stronger and made for tough jobs. It comes with different attachment heads for specific jobs, and you’ll definitely want to purchase them in order to get your desired effect.

This cleaning tool is great for cleaning grout, shower mold, tile, and around faucets, just to name a few. It packed more punch than I expected when it comes to power, and it can navigate through small nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with traditional cleaning products.

It is a bit loud when it’s in operation and while this tool isn’t a game changer for me, it can be helpful for hard to reach spots in your home.

4. OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set

Amazon Boasts:
“The OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set features two tools for scrubbing those hard-to-reach places. Both Brushes include sturdy nylon bristles and comfortable non-slip grips. The Large Brush is sized and angled for cleaning grout, shower-door tracks and more. A soft thumb pad on the back of the head allows for optimal comfort while applying maximum force. The Small Brush features a compact bristle head and pointed profile, great for cleaning in and around fixtures, thin grout lines and other tight spaces. The Small Brush also includes a built-in Wiper Blade for removing grime inside drains and other crevices.”

We weigh in: is it worth the hype?
If you’ve ever repurposed a toothbrush for cleaning jobs, don’t waste your time any more; this set of brushes is so far superior, with a strong, non-slip ergonomic handle that doesn’t flex.

The basics are the same, small head, plastic handle – but that’s where it ends. The bristles are stiff and short, and can take more abuse than a toothbrush with out splaying or bending.

The wiper blade is great for small cracks and crevices such as door tracks, and other hard-to-reach areas. With 2 brushes for one low price point, you can’t go wrong with this tool.

5. Pet Hair Remover Roller

My dog kept shedding all over my couch and I was searching for a miracle product on Amazon to keep control of the mess; enter this gadget.

Amazon Boasts:
“The pet hair remover roller has a very effective fleece force and made of a semi roller coated with a static charge material. Just a couple of passes can collect more hairs from everywhere than the carpet cleaner can do. You can use it back and forth but it is better if you use it towards the back.

【Can be used on any material】: Collect every single hair from those very sticky hairs, such as Velvet / Cloth Sofas, Rugs, Beds, Cushions, Curtains, Dog Bed, Car Seats and Clothes !!!❤️️ Note That❤️️: It didn’t work too well because the material is too smooth.

【Self-cleaning, no scrubbing needed】: Just pinch one of the two silicone leather pads on the brush and swing it several times. The brush can achieve self-cleaning, collects hair and fur in the upper compartment. The drip tray worked well, easy to open and use.

【Clean pet hair and general dust are fine】: Works perfectly not only with dog, cat and rabbit hair, but also with human hair and general dust. If you are fed up with a house full of pet hair all over the place, then the AECE2ACE pet hair remover is the best helper for you! For example Greyhound and Westie, German Shepherd and Chihuahua hair are all fine!

【Economical and Eco-Friendly】: Can be reused, no need for expensive spare parts; Lighter than a vacuum cleaner, cheaper than tape. You need to move it back and forth with short strokes gently.”

We weigh in: is it worth the hype?
Well, I returned it, if that’s any indication of it’s efficacy. 😬

For me, this ended up being a really crappy lint roller, no better than anything you’d find at the dollar store. I had high hopes, and while it did pick up a bit of hair, it wasn’t life changing by any means. This roller has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon though, so maybe don’t take my word for it!

Just Our Opinion
Disclaimer: these product reviews are based on our own experience and opinion, and aren’t necessarily the same perspective as others may have. Have you tried any of these cleaning products on Amazon, and did you have a different experience? Are there any other products you want us to review? Let us know in the comments!

Written by: Stacey Wood

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